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Best Credit Unions In Colorado (2024)

Many people decide to use credit unions instead of traditional banks because credit unions can provide unique advantages when compared to banks.

Additionally, credit unions are often much more involved with the local community than a traditional bank and some credit unions are actually owned by their members.

Regardless of why you are interested in a credit union, you can certainly find some excellent credit unions in the state of Colorado.

Here are six of the best credit unions that are located within the state of Colorado. 

1. Credit Union of Colorado

Credit Union of Colorado deserves its place as the first credit union on our list. Like some other credit unions, every single member is a co-owner since this credit union is owned by its members.

You can enjoy personalized service when you do business with the Credit Union of Colorado.

Credit Union of Colorado offers you a number of different financial services, including various kinds of loans such as auto loans and home equity loans, too.

You can also apply for a credit card or a mortgage with the Credit Union of Colorado.

Credit Union of Colorado also seeks to give back to the community through the Credit Union of Colorado Foundation.

This foundation awarded students $55,000 in scholarships in 2020 alone.

Credit Union of Colorado is an excellent choice for both its financial services and its commitment to the community. 

2. Credit Union of Denver

The Credit Union of Denver is another one of the top credit unions in the state of Colorado. You do have to either live or work in the surrounding Denver area to become a member of the Credit Union of Denver.

If you go to their website, you can find all sorts of financial solutions and recommendations for how to spend your money through the various stages of your life.

You can also take advantage of different kinds of loans if you join the Credit Union of Denver, ranging from home loans and personal loans to even loans for your business.

Additionally, you can even receive loans for your car or ATV with this credit union. 

The Credit Union of Denver offers you auto, motorcycle, homeowners, and life insurance as well. You can also use their online banking services for maximum convenience.

The Credit Union of Denver helps the community and has supported organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network Foundation, Community College of Denver, Foothills Animal Shelter, and more. 

3. Ent Credit Union

Ent Credit Union opened its doors all the way back in 1957.

If you are looking for a credit union in Colorado with plenty of resources and locations, then Ent Credit Union might be right for you, since it is the largest credit union in the state.

You can open a checking or savings account with this credit union, as well as apply for many kinds of loans.

These loans include auto loans, student loans, mortgage loans, and even personal loans.

Ent Credit Union also offers its members financial education so that they can better manage their money. 

In terms of impacting the community, Ent Credit Union takes philanthropy seriously. Ent Credit Union has donated $1.2 million since 2019 to assist in funding pediatric mental health initiatives.

Ent Credit Union also supports the community through its Ent Youth Endowment Services (YES) grants.

Through these grants, Ent Credit Union has given $200,000 in 2020 to 43 not-for-profit organizations in the state of Colorado.

Ent Credit Union has awarded nearly $1.5 million in grants through its YES program since the program began. You can rest assured that Ent Credit Union is a community-oriented credit union. 

4. Bellco Credit Union

If you’re someone looking for a credit union in Colorado with a long history, then Bellco Credit Union is right up your valley.

Bellco Credit Union was founded back in 1936 and is currently the second-largest credit union in the state.

You might also like Bellco Credit Union if you’re someone who likes to bank on the go since Bellco Credit Union offers both online banking and mobile banking services.

You can also get home or auto loans through Bellco Credit Union, as well. You can even send money to other people quickly via Zelle. 

Bellco Credit Union values its local community and gave back in 2020 by providing a number of high schools with financial education and sponsored personal finance development and economic development classes for local teachers.

This helps give the teachers more tools to educate their students on these topics. Bellco Credit Union also works with the Food Bank of the Rockies to fight hunger in Colorado.

You might also like to check out Bellco Credit Union for their financial advice.

5. Canvas Credit Union

Canvas Credit Union is the third-largest credit union in the state of Colorado.

You can open savings accounts, moneymaker accounts, individual retirement accounts, and get certificates of deposit with Canvas Credit Union.

Of course, you can also open a checking account, as well. Canvas Credit Union offers personal loans like mortgages, vehicle loans, signature loans, and even student loans, too.

Canvas Credit Union gives back through its Canvas Cares program.

Their Community Scholarship program gives out $1,000 to 30 high school students every year from high schools that are in each of their Canvas Branch communities.

The Canvas Foundation Scholarship is another way they support the community. Canvas Credit Union awards two students $5,000 scholarships if they demonstrate strong character, promising leadership skills, and high ethical values.

You can even attend a free Financial Success Seminar if you are a member of Canvas Credit Union. 

6. Elevations Credit Union

Elevations Credit Union started off back in 1952 and is the fourth-largest credit union in Colorado. You can open either a checking or savings account with Elevations Credit Union.

You can also get a mortgage for your home and apply for a credit card with this credit union.

Elevations Credit Union also raised more than $500,000 in donations for victims of the March 22 tragedy in Boulder and added in another $200,000 so these victims’ families will receive more than $709,000 in donations.

You should also know that the Elevations Foundation has given out more than $2.67 million since 2010.  

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